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Meet MediSurge: Noah Fetterhoff

Our team at MediSurge loves getting to know you and your specific needs. When we can understand the challenges that you face on a daily basis, we can use that information to develop creative solutions for you. After all, our ultimate goal is to create healthcare devices that make your day-to-day routine more convenient and […]

Medical History Highlights of the Midwest

We love the fact that we’re located in the Midwest. West Michigan is currently a hub for medical innovation, and our surrounding region has been a leading force for medical strides for over a century. While we’re focused on creating the healthcare of the future today, it’s important to remember the advances that got us […]

West Michigan Highlights: Medical Industry and More

Our team at MediSurge is proud to be a leading medical device manufacturer that positively impacts lives, and we are also proud to be based in West Michigan. With our facility in Grand Rapids and a team full of local talent, this area holds a special place in our heart. To show our love for […]

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