Our comprehensive manufacturing, packaging, and quality assurance services are based in the U.S.

Take your medical device from concept to completion with our state-of-the-art facilities and proven expertise, all with a single manufacturer.

Our medical device design, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution services are entirely based in the U.S.

At Medisurge, we offer all the services OEMs need to bring a medical device from design to production and distribution. Rather than vetting multiple producers for one product, we can handle all the work for each stage of its life cycle. That lets you focus on your company’s strengths while leaving the production and distribution to us.

Why Choose Medisurge as Your Medical Device Manufacturer?

Our relationship with the Alliant Healthcare Group allows us to produce high-precision medical devices at scale without disruption. We have world-class quality management systems, while our scale gives us margin, volume, and direct-to-government distribution advantages. Our expedited remediation solutions overcome supplier issues and ensure timely delivery.

Our proven program management leadership, supply management, and distribution processes grant us a qualitative human resources advantage. With dedicated sales, marketing, operations, and finance teams, we can serve as a valuable US-based strategic partner for your future growth,

Additionally, with near total vertical control of our production process, we also control our EO cycle. This allows us to adopt multiple customers onto one cycle, reducing the time it would take you to develop your own, which could take up to 12 months. This lets you hand off all sterilization and packaging needs to us, enabling your product to reach the market faster.

Our Services

Our comprehensive range of manufacturing services is available to you. Whether you need a single service, assistance with part of your production lifecycle, or our assistance from start to finish, we’re ready to help.


Quality and Regulatory Support

Our comprehensive regulatory support helps medical device manufacturers navigate complex guidelines and streamline approval processes. We ensure their efficient market entry and compliance, ultimately advancing healthcare innovation and patient care.

Sterile Packaging and Kitting

Medisurge has the capital equipment and expertise to seal most sterile barrier packaging for trays and pouches of medical devices. This could help speed up the market and bring new customers to our packaging lines while ensuring the safety and sterility of your product.

Managed Sterilization

Our advanced ultrasonic cleaning and passivation solutions ensure superior cleanliness, corrosion resistance, and compliance with stringent industry standards. We meet the highest industry standards and ensure optimal performance for medical devices.

Logistics and Supply Chain

By leveraging buying power and vetting suppliers, Medisurge can supply our customers with the highest quality at the lowest cost. Our global network always ensures access to vital raw materials at the best prices, minimizing the risk of disruption to your production.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our robust supply chain warehousing infrastructure supports variable customer demand and quick ship options. With the ability to ship anywhere in the world through our international distribution network, Medisurge can cut through red tape to deliver products on time.

Engineering Support

Many product design owners do not know how their design impacts manufacturing. Medisurge can support activities to understand the pain points around manufacturing to ensure products can meet quality and throughput goals without sacrificing safety or product efficacy.

Get a Quote

Contact us today to get a quote for manufacturing your medical device. Our facilities are all in the United States and can handle small-batch and large-scale production. We can also assist you with distribution, including to the U.S. government, allowing you to fulfill all your design, production, and distribution needs under one roof.




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