Class 7 Cleanroom

Our 1,000-square-foot Class 7 Cleanroom, which is managed with very stringent standard operating procedures, allows us to manufacture only the highest quality medical devices. We pride ourselves on maintaining a very low particulate count and strong environmental controls.

Lean Production

Our lean medical device manufacturing processes drive cost-saving improvements and reduce time to market. Because we are true partners with our customers, we offer a generous 50% share with all cost-saving initiatives.

We focus on creating the devices needed, when they’re needed, and at a cost that makes sense.

3D Additive Manufacturing

Along with community partners, we are currently in the process of implementing groundbreaking 3D printing technology from Carbon, Inc. to create production grade parts using medical grade materials and tolerances to accelerate both the device development and the component manufacturing cycle.

Our team will be capable of contract additive manufacturing using the Carbon, Inc. 3D printing technology by late Spring 2019. We will also have the capability to provide 3D prototypes in conjunction with development services.

To learn more about our recent project, click here.

“The capabilities that MediSurge can offer has transformed our value proposition and the way we do business with the government.  We are now able to offer an increased number of products made in the USA at lower price points.”

Eric Albery

Alliant Healthcare

Concept Realization

If you have an approved concept, our world-class engineering team can bring it to life for you, at a cost that makes sense. We understand the importance of introducing safe, easy-to-use, high-quality products into the market that will ultimately improve patient care and outcomes.

Driving Value

You will see value throughout every step of the process, as we are committed to creating quality products as efficiently as possible, which ultimately saves both time and money. Your best interest is ultimately the focus of every decision, every time.

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ISO 13485:2016 Certified


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Learn more about our 3D Additive Manufacturing project