Innovated Design & Protyping

MediSurge specializes in bringing your products to life through newly designed design control processes. We work with industry leaders and academia on research projects so our design capabilities stretch beyond the everyday.  We offer creative and innovative design solutions.

World-class Device Engineering

MediSurge has experience in:

  • Disposable Class I and II devices for Skin, Peripheral access/port access, ECMO, cardiovascular and blood path indications.
  • FDA registered and ISO 13485:2016 with Design Control systems capable of quick turn product development
  • 1000 sq ft engineering wet lab; validation and verification procedures with simulated use and limit testing capability
  • Engineering Drawing and analysis software including 3D modeling, statistical analysis and Failure Mode Analysis

“I can give you my personal guarantee that MediSurge will deliver quality service in everything we do. Our partners are why we exist. Let us become part of your company by awarding us a chance to find value.”

Dan Byers

General Manager, MediSurge

Industry Leading Pilot Program

The MediSurge pilot production program is a unique development concept that utilizes MediSurge process expertise to formulate a process flow, identify process risk, and create initial pilot builds at our facility.  The outcome results in fully representative final processes including cost saving lean principles and materials.

Reliable Testing & Quality Management

We are ISO 13485:2016 certified. Through a combined focus on creating quality products as efficiently as possible and a strict quality management process, Medisurge is able to pass the highest quality value on to our customers.


With your product vision we have the design capabilities to create efficient and innovative designs. Our team utilizes 3D modeling and a systematic design input process to identify the key features and benefits that your product must have to be successful.


Once the vision is realized, we have the know how to bring that vision to life and turn it into a working product. From the concept to the components, from supply chain to manufacturing and packaging, we have experience in product realization. MediSurge employs a host of expert partners in various industries to back up and assist in finishing your products.


We don’t stop when a product is created. With our experience we can help you to identify the right markets and sales channels for your product. We can connect you with Market and Sales Industry experts specifically tooled for your type of product or help you to find a partner to take the design forward with you.