Month: September 2020

The Benefits of 3D Printing for Medical Devices

If you didn’t get a chance to sit in on the webinar, don’t worry! We’re recapping some of the biggest takeaways about 3D printing from the event. Where the Industry Stands Believe it or not, North America currently leads the world in additive manufacturing techniques. In 2019 alone, it was a $10 billion industry, even […]

How to Celebrate Fall in West Michigan

MediSurge is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a medical device manufacturer, we love being a part of such a robust medical culture. However, as team members, we also love how great Michigan is when it comes to seasons. We’ll be honest and say that as much as we love summer, fall in Michigan is […]

Flu Mask and Childbirth in Circles: Weird Historical Medical Devices

We thought, in light of these somewhat discouraging times, it might be nice to have a look at just how far we’ve come as a medical industry. So get ready to read about even more weird  historical medical devices. The Flu Mask We’re living in a COVID-19 world, so the concept of masks isn’t exactly […]

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