Meet MediSurge: Rick Shorey

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We have a fantastic team at MediSurge. It’s one of the major reasons we can consistently create high-quality medical devices. Every member of our team is dedicated to improving the lives of the patients and medical professionals who will use our medical devices.

That’s why we’d love to introduce you to another one of our great team members, Rick Shorey. He’s our Program Director, which means Rick is always working to ensure that our devices are the best they can be and that our processes go smoothly.

Learning from Experience

Rick joined the MediSurge team after gaining a lot of experience from previous positions in the medical device industry. He graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor of Science in both Mechanical Engineering and Biological Sciences, which set him on a track for excellence.

Before he became part of our team, Rick worked as a senior engineer, group lead, and senior sales engineer on multiple projects.

“The experience gained from owning multiple projects and juggling many tasks simultaneously taught me how to manage the critical path, develop a plan, and carry momentum to project completion,” he says. It’s these lessons that help him propel our team forward every day.

The Power of a Good Team

Rick loves working with the rest of the MediSurge team. Rick says, “While the work, the risk, and the reward are all very high-set bars, with the right team, we can work quickly and effectively within regulatory boundaries to move the needle at a faster pace while still having a lot of fun.”

He’s constantly impressed by the way our team functions. “I love our ability as a team to move quickly, to create, to adapt, and to uphold the highest standards of quality and delivery. Plus, we have fun.”

Our team is collaborating to make 2020 our biggest year yet. We’re on track to tackle two large challenges this year and to continue to grow.

Enjoying All of Life

When he’s not at work, Rick loves boating, outdoor activities like golf, hiking, and fishing, and traveling. He also enjoys building wooden kayaks and paddle boards while relaxing at his cabin.

There’s never a dull moment in Rick’s life, between his family, two English Bulldogs, Hendrick and Gertrude, and his five-year-old carnival goldfish who has yet to be named.

Still, Rick plays hard so he can dedicate himself fully while at work. That’s because he knows how crucial his role is in the lives of others.

Rick says, “We have the ability to change the outcome of a medical procedure for the better by developing our ideas into a solution or a process—one that improves the life of a patient or caregiver.”

Are you ready to work with an amazing team on your next medical device project? Request a quote from us today. We can’t wait to get to know you.


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