Fostering the Next Generation of Medical Professionals

The MediSurge team chatting around a work desk about a project.


We believe in the medical device professionals of the future.

The medical device industry is constantly evolving, which is partially because of the new professionals who are consistently joining the workforce. The MediSurge team knows how important these new minds and ideas are. That’s why we proudly support students and those who are looking to start a career in medical device manufacturing.

We broke down some of the ways that we connect with the young professionals in our area. Keep reading to find out more.


MediSurge is proud to offer a great internship program to students who are considering a career in medical device engineering, design, and more. We value our interns as a huge part of our team, and we love hearing the new ideas they bring.

In fact, one of our recent interns, Rebecca Jakob, won our first ever Quality Heroes award when she noticed an incorrect expiration date label. MediSurge also supported Rebecca when she needed equipment to help her team take part in a NASA initiative.


Our team is proud to be a part of a two-and-a-half-year-long research collaboration between MediSurge, Grand Valley State University, and the applied Medical Device Institute. This collaboration is implementing groundbreaking 3D printing technology to create production grade parts using medical grade materials.

By working with academic establishments, we can help push the envelope of innovation. When we bring together academia, students, and professionals, we benefit from the perspectives of several different groups, and that means we encounter more amazing ideas. In the end, partnerships like this allow us to more effectively help patients.


We are happy to help students learn about the careers that are available to them in the medical device industry. In fact, we hosted several tours during Manufacturing Week, during which we discussed our day-to-day activities and what we love about our jobs.

It’s important to show the medical professionals of the future all of their options. We want them to feel empowered and inspired to work with medical devices and to help shape the patient care of tomorrow.

We are always excited to work with interns and foster the next generation of students and professionals. Are you interested in learning more about our team? Contact us to get started.

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