Meet MediSurge: Kelli Jonas


We love getting to know you and your specific needs. We then take that information and work with you to bring your medical device concepts to life.

That’s why we’d like to introduce our Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, Kelli Jonas. She works with our team every day to make sure that the medical devices we produce are high-quality and ready to help impact patients’ lives.

Quality First

Kelli’s career is built on her attention to detail, which is why she’s such a great fit at MediSurge. Before joining our team, Kelli worked in Quality for over fifteen years, and led Quality and Regulatory teams for twelve of those years.

All of that experience has taught her what she considers to be the keys to success. Those are:

  • Set clear goals and objectives for yourself and your team.
  • Establish a work culture that people are proud of.
  • Hire a team that wants to learn and isn’t afraid to try new things.
  • It’s okay to ask for help.
  • It’s okay to admit you made a mistake, but you have to learn from it!

Kelli leads our quality efforts with these ideas in mind. Maybe that’s why our team is so passionate about our work.

Constantly Improving

Part of Kelli’s job is making sure that our medical devices and processes are up to regulation. Even when our team is operating at the top of our game, Kelli finds ways that we can improve. Why? Because every medical device we make has a real impact.

“I am also passionate about delivering high quality to our customers,” she says. “We are making devices that are used in everyday life. If something that we make fails, there could be serious consequences.” That’s why she spends so much time every day ensuring that our medical devices will perform exactly as intended.

In order to do this, Kelli listens closely to what customers have to say. She says, “I am constantly learning in this industry. We learn from the feedback our customers have on our devices, what they like and what they don’t like. We learn through our success and failures. Since the medical device industry is highly regulated, we document a lot of things and find ways to constantly improve our products and our systems.”

Work Hard, Play Hard

When Kelli isn’t at work, she can be found with her family or hanging out with coworkers. Kelli is a fan of golfing. In fact, she and her husband have taught their young son to golf, too, so it’s a family affair.

Kelli also loves spending time with coworkers. “The team spends a lot of time together, which means we know how to laugh at each other and at ourselves. We work hard to play hard.”

That close bond means Kelli is inspired to help MediSurge achieve some great things in the future. “The medical device industry is constantly evolving,” says Kelli. “I am excited about growing and challenging our staff at MediSurge.”

Want to work with a team that’s dedicated to helping you bring your medical device dream to life? Contact us today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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