How We Keep Current in the Medical Device Industry


It’s no secret that the medical device industry moves quickly. There are new breakthroughs and innovations nearly every day.

With all that new information, it’s important that our team stays up to date. That’s why we’ve put together some of the fun ways we keep up the latest trends and news in the medical device industry.

Industry News Sources

Just like any industry, the medical device industry has several publications that focus specifically on medical device news.

Perhaps the most well-known of these is Med Gadget. We love browsing this to see what sort of breakthroughs are happening in medicine all around the world. Plus, since we can filter the news to learn only about our specialties, it makes it a great way to learn quickly.

We’re also fans of the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry Online magazine (or MDDI). This source discusses upcoming trends, advice for medical device companies, and company news. It’s great for when we need to learn about an ongoing project, a possible collaboration, and more.

Industry Events

The medical device industry has several trade shows throughout the year. Although we can’t always attend all of them, we find that they’re a great opportunity to speak with peers and gain information.

That’s why we’re frequently at the Medical Design & Manufacturing West trade show. Here, we get to know medical professionals who are in need of devices, team members from other medical device companies, and more. It’s always a wonderful way to always be up to date with the newest breakthroughs.

Local Organizations

MediSurge is proud to be located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Being from where we are, we have access to several different universities and colleges, as well as an entire “medical mile.”

We love speaking with team members from the Van Andel Institute, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Meijer Heart Center, Grand Valley State University’s Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, and more. In fact, we believe that when we can collaborate, we can all walk away with the inspiration to create wonderful things.

Everyone on our team is passionate about performing high-quality work, which is why we’re always excited to learn about our industry. Are you ready to work with a team of people who are confident and knowledgeable? Request a quote today. We can’t wait to learn about how we can help you

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