How Smart Phones Can Become Medical Devices

An image of a phone on a laptop.


They say there is an app for just about everything, turns out there are even some that function as medical devices.

In today’s day and age, a smartphones ability to be a diagnostic tool is far greater than just WebMD. That little rectangle in your back pocket can actually do some quite remarkable things that you probably never thought were possible.


Smart phones now have the ability to act as portable ultrasound imagining systems which can confirm and track a pregnancy. While its initial use was to assist obstetricians and gynecologists, the portable ultrasound has now been adapted to even help guide injections, assess kidney disorders and triage.


Stethoscopes, which are used by medical professionals to record and track a person’s heartbeat now have a portable partner. The microphone on devices like iPhone are able to pick up and record the body’s inner sounds. The apps are then able to collect this data and securely send it to a doctor for further assessment.

Early Detection

There are even systems to help with early detection!

A smartphone’s system has been designed to help diagnose and monitor the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The online system monitors for gait disturbances such as stuck periods which can help with early diagnosis.


Smartphones also have the ability to monitor and track the performance of medical devices, like pacemakers. Many pacemakers now have apps for patient use which can be accessed on both phones and tablets. Theses apps securely sends the devices data to medical professionals eliminating the need for remote monitoring.

Patient Monitoring

In thanks to apps and consistent communication, patients are able to be better monitored by their health care providers. Patient care is essential to modern medicine and technology has only helped to increase access to high quality medical care. Through apps and technological advances, patients are better cared for, which is always the ultimate goal!

We continue to work hard to help innovate and create better more efficient medical products, much like these! Reach out to us. We’d love to talk about creating the medical devices of the future.

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