Devices that Directly Impact Patient Experience


Every medical device is aimed at enhancing patient care. Still, there are some devices that are designed specifically to make a patient experience unforgettable. These focus on comfortable stays, human-like interaction, and more.

Our team loves to keep up with the latest in medical innovations. That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite experience-centered medical devices.

Nurse-Like Robots

Robots are no stranger to the medical industry. In fact, they’ve been assisting in processes like surgery for about a decade. New advances, though, are transforming this technology from helping hands to friendly faces.

New robot technology has created assistants to help with mundane tasks like cleaning, preparing a room, and fetching items from shelves.

Perhaps equally as importantly, these robots are programmed to interact with patients and make them feel at ease. In fact, some robots, like Moxi, are equipped with the ability to show expressions so that patients are less intimidated by them. They make fun companions that many patients look forward to.

Smartphone Healthcare

By now, nearly everyone has a smartphone. Many medical devices are making use of this handy technology to capture important data and serve updates to patients.

Some apps help monitor and manage diseases and chronic conditions. These allow patients to track incremental changes and see larger changes over a period of time. Technology like this allows medical professionals to have a greater overall understanding of an individual patient’s experience.

Other smartphone apps are addressing patient experience from different angles. Technology like Playback Health creates HIPAA-compliant recordings of appointments. These recordings feature highlights from these sessions so patients can be certain they fully understood diagnoses, instructions, and more.

Virtual Comfort

Some procedures and experiences can be difficult or uncomfortable for patients to undergo. In those instances, many virtual reality startups are finding a way to make the experiences more pleasant.

Virtual reality technology can help reduce patient stress and even possibly distract from pain during these moments. This technology continues to evolve in more engaging ways and to help patients combat difficult experiences.

Our team is passionate about staying informed of the most recent medical device advancements. Request a quote today to learn how we can innovatively help you.


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