The MediSurge Story

A photo of MediSurge CEO, Bob Taylor, talking to MediSurge employees. Half of the image is blue with white words on top.

Our team at MediSurge prides ourselves in providing high-quality medical devices that will positively impact and change patients’ lives. We are successful at this because, from day one, we have positioned ourselves to be a place where people want to work.

We sat down with Bob Taylor, the CEO of MediSurge, to talk about why we’re structured the way we are and what makes our team so successful.

The Power of a Positive Culture

When MediSurge was started, it was with a focus on culture before anything else. Bob says, “What I wanted to create is a company that really cares about the people, not only from myself caring about the employees, but [also] the employees caring about each other.”

That spirit fuels everything we do, and our team members embody this value on a daily basis. One of our team members, Noah, says, “People are on top of their work and commitments [at MediSurge] while also shedding positive attitudes and perspectives to keep the office mood light. An average workday is very productive while also being filled with laughter and enjoyment.”

Our Five Pillars

MediSurge relies on five core pillars of belief to guide all of our day-to-day activities. Those pillars are:

  • A passion for meeting and exceeding the needs of our customer
  • Providing great leadership to everyone who works here
  • Devotion to the best quality in everything we do
  • A commitment to holding each other and ourselves accountable
  • Having genuine concern for everyone who works or comes in contact with the company

These pillars keep us accountable and allow us to create amazing end results, all while focusing on each other’s wellbeing. After all, the typical American worker spends more time with coworkers than family, so we want our workplace to be a genuinely enjoyable environment.

When we all enjoy what we do, we take care to make sure it’s done right, and that matters to our team. As our team member, Brooke, says, “With every opportunity we have [at MediSurge], you have the opportunity to indirectly save someone’s life.” We take that responsibility very seriously.

You can learn more about our five pillars and the story of MediSurge by watching the video below. When you’re done, reach out to us for a quote. Our friendly team would love to work with you.

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