Meet MediSurge: Brooke Bing

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The team at MediSurge is unique. We’re dedicated to our craft because we understand that it can deeply impact and save lives. It’s that reality which inspires us to achieve amazing things every single day.

Meet Brooke

Brooke Bing thinks about this daily while assembling products. Brooke is one of our Product Assemblers, and she works tirelessly to ensure that our devices are high-quality.

The devices that Brooke builds are primarily used in open heart surgery, so they require the utmost care during assembly. Instead of shying away from this challenge, Brooke embraces it. “My favorite thing about my job,” she says, “is that every piece I touch and then further build out goes into someone’s heart. It’s literally the pulse of our company that keeps me going as an employee and inspires me…everything I touch involves a heart.”

Impacting Lives

When you put your heart and soul into your work, it really shows. As someone in the medical device industry, Brooke strives to make sure every piece she assembles meets and exceeds the highest quality standards. Working inside of a Cleanroom allows Brooke and the rest of the team to make devices that can be used in surgeries, so every little piece counts.

“With every opportunity we have [at MediSurge], you have the opportunity to indirectly save someone’s life,” Brooke says. That’s why she’s inspired to do her best every day that she comes into work.

Ensuring Quality

In fact, our team members are encouraged and empowered to stop production if something doesn’t seem right to them. That way, we can be sure to spot any would-be issues before they ever leave the floor.

Why? Because what we do at MediSurge matters. As Brooke says, “You get orders for 800 heart pads, and some of them are pediatric. That means 800 babies need open heart surgery, and it’s really rewarding to be part of a team that makes that happen inadvertently.”

Our team works constantly to make sure that we impact lives for the better. Do you need a medical device that can help enhance the lives of the patients you see? Reach out to us today. We’d love to learn more about you.


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