New Devices to Improve Cardiovascular Procedures


With inventions like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printing, medical technology has been innovating at an incredible rate. Technology can do today what was thought to be impossible yesterday.

All of this innovation is good news for the medical industry and patients. New breakthroughs happen every day that can help improve patient outcomes and inspire the next generation of research.

Our team is excited to be a part of this incredible time in the medical industry. Here are just a few of our favorite recent breakthroughs in cardiovascular health.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is a technology that’s been spreading quickly since its inception. This term refers to systems that have been programmed to mimic the human consciousness like learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Because of these traits, AI has become incredibly useful for analyzing vast amounts of data that a human couldn’t consume within a plausible amount of time. This includes analyzing the breathing patterns of humans to detect emergencies and even predicting cardiac issues before they arise. Future applications for this technology could make disease detection, research, and more easier than ever before.


Robots have been around for a while, but their usefulness in medicine is only increasing. A new medical-grade robot can help apply small devices like catheters to arrhythmic hearts, which allows for high levels of precision that were previously unachievable.

Researchers and developers are also creating robots that have a sense of touch so that they don’t accidentally harm patients. Innovations like these continue to push the boundaries of human limitation in order to improve patient outcomes.

3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, has created an entirely new realm of possibilities for the medical industry. While 3D printing as a whole is contributing to the industry, specific devices that are made from 3D printed materials are also impacting cardiac procedures.

New stents and other devices are being created using flexible 3D printing in order to better fit individual patients. Some studies are also creating patches out of heart tissue in order to fix wounds on hearts themselves. These can be applied to an area in need and will decrease healing time.

MediSurge is excited to contribute to this exciting time for our industry. Our collaborative 3D printing research allows us to stay on the forefront of innovation. We are excited to contribute to such a noble cause.

Are you in need of a medical device designer or manufacturer? Reach out to us. We’d love to help you create something that can improve medical care for those in need.

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