Month: July 2019

NASA Challenges: Supporting Tomorrow’s Innovators

We believe in promoting the engineers and innovators of the future, and that mission extends to our interns. The entire MediSurge team loves supporting the amazing work that our team members and interns accomplish. Recently our intern, Rebecca Jakob, took part in a NASA initiative to develop technology that can explore under the ice-covered surface of […]

Cloud Storage in the Medical Industry

Things are always changing in the medical industry. Technology advances every day. This means that MediSurge and our peers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Because of this, our team keeps on top of the discussions that surround the latest technological advancements in our field. When it comes to our industry, one of […]

Meet MediSurge: Thao Selleck

By now, you probably know that our team at MediSurge is dedicated to creating quality medical devices that solve your specific needs. What you might not know is how passionate our team is about our mission. We love supporting each other and our clients, which helps us achieve amazing things. You aren’t just a number […]

New Devices to Improve Cardiovascular Procedures

With inventions like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printing, medical technology has been innovating at an incredible rate. Technology can do today what was thought to be impossible yesterday. All of this innovation is good news for the medical industry and patients. New breakthroughs happen every day that can help improve patient outcomes and […]

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