Month: July 2019


Recently our intern, Rebecca Jakob, took part in a NASA initiative to develop technology that can explore under the ice-covered surface of Ocean Worlds like Europa and Enceladus. Rebecca’s team, from Grand Valley State University, collaborated with each other and NASA to design and manufacture this technology. A Lofty Goal The systems that Rebecca’s team […]

Cloud Storage in the Medical Industry

When it comes to our industry, one of the most popular topics we run into is how cloud storage systems is utilized in the medical field. The invention of cloud storage systems has opened new possibilities for data in the healthcare industry. Instead of managing countless papers or requiring in-house backup servers, medical professionals can […]

Meet MediSurge: Thao Selleck

We love supporting each other and our clients, which helps us achieve amazing things. You aren’t just a number to us; you’re a person. That’s why we like introducing ourselves to you, too. We want to talk to you face-to-face, so we love sharing some of our faces with you! Meet Thao Selleck, our new […]

New Devices to Improve Cardiovascular Procedures

All of this innovation is good news for the medical industry and patients. New breakthroughs happen every day that can help improve patient outcomes and inspire the next generation of research. Our team is excited to be a part of this incredible time in the medical industry. Here are just a few of our favorite […]