Meet MediSurge: Noah Fetterhoff


Our team at MediSurge loves getting to know you and your specific needs. When we can understand the challenges that you face on a daily basis, we can use that information to develop creative solutions for you. After all, our ultimate goal is to create healthcare devices that make your day-to-day routine more convenient and improve patient care.

Every member of our team is passionate about working with you, from our CEO to our interns. Speaking of interns, we wanted to take the chance introduce one of them to you.

Meet Noah Fetterhoff. He’s pursuing a major in Kinesiology from Michigan State University, and he brings his enthusiasm for the medical industry to our team. As a Grand Rapids native, Noah also echoes the MediSurge team’s love of West Michigan and its place in the medical industry. You could say that Noah is a perfect fit for our company culture.

Noah’s favorite thing about our team is how the environment is fast-paced and fun. Noah says, “People are on top of their work and commitments while also shedding positive attitudes and perspectives to keep the office mood light. An average workday is very productive while also being filled with laughter and enjoyment.”

Whenever we have an intern, the team at MediSurge works hard to make sure that they feel included and supported while learning about the industry. Internships are a learning experience that we take very seriously, all while making sure the team continues to feel like a family unit.

That’s why it’s so important to us that Noah feels like he’s making a real difference while interning. “I feel as if my work is directly contributing to the success of this company and it feels great to feel like I’m a part of something,” he says, and we’re glad to hear it.

When Noah isn’t working hard with us, he’s out exploring the outdoors. He loves to be active and to surround himself with his friends. As an extrovert, he draws his energy from being around people. That’s great, because our team is filled with a lot of energetic people who work best when they’re surrounded by uplifting energy. You could say that we work hard so we can play hard.

The medical industry is constantly changing and innovating, so the future of medical devices and the medical industry rests on students and upcoming generations. Because of that, MediSurge is happy to regularly take on interns in an effort to allow them to apply what they’re learning in classes. After all, when we’re focusing on creating the healthcare of the future today, it only makes sense to support the medical professionals of tomorrow.

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