Meet MediSurge: Jesse Somsel

A photo of MediSurge employee, Jesse, with text on it that reads "Meet Jesse."

At MediSurge, we’re proud to have an outstanding team filled with people who put their all into creating the healthcare of the future, today. In fact, we like our team members so much that we want to introduce them to you.

Meet Jesse Somsel. He’s the warehouse manager at MediSurge, and he’s dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to assure that clients get their products on time and in one piece. He has a hand in nearly all functions that go on in the warehouse, from packing to receiving and more.

Jesse’s favorite challenge is trying to figure out the best way to ship to foreign countries. Since the medical industry has specific regulations for shipping medical devices across country lines, this is always a fun and interesting obstacle for him to overcome. Still, Jesse is good at embracing these challenges and coming up with ways to make sure that the client gets exactly what they need on time.

Jesse loves that MediSurge allows him to take on new challenges like this every day, and that he’s always backed by the support of a close-knit team.

Since MediSurge is a small business, the team knows each other very well, both from day-to-day work and from company events like our annual barbecue. Our team works better when we’re surrounded by people that we can count on and laugh with. That’s why we think of ourselves as the MediSurge family.

Jesse agrees that the culture at MediSurge is invigorating. He says, “It’s a nice family atmosphere. Being a small company, it gets pretty intertwined. If you have a problem, you know everybody here, so you know exactly who to go to.”

You can learn more about Jesse and the MediSurge culture by watching the video below.


Now that you’re getting to know us, we’d love to get to know you. Contact us today to find out how our close-knit team can help find solutions for your everyday problems. We’d love to talk!

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