Month: June 2019

Meet MediSurge: Noah Fetterhoff

Every member of our team is passionate about working with you, from our CEO to our interns. Speaking of interns, we wanted to take the chance introduce one of them to you. Meet Noah Fetterhoff. He’s pursuing a major in Kinesiology from Michigan State University, and he brings his enthusiasm for the medical industry to […]

Medical Devices that Changed the Course of History

One of the most tangible ways to see this progression is by looking at the tools we use every day. In fact, a lot of the most influential medical devices in history are commonplace items now. Our team has taken a step into the past to highlight several medical devices that changed the course of […]


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Medical History Highlights of the Midwest

Here are some of our favorite historical medical innovations of the Midwest. Internal Medical Innovations The Midwest has been a center of innovation for surgical procedures and medicine. In fact, the first kidney, pancreas, and bone marrow transplants were performed in Minnesota in 1966-1968 and the first intestinal biopsy was performed in Michigan in 1962. […]