Putting Quality First: MediSurge Quality Heroes

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: MediSurge’s commitment to quality is un-matched. We are constantly improving systems and processes in order to maintain exemplary results throughout every step of our process. We are proud to be an ISO 13485: 2016 Certified Contract Manufacturer, which means our processes meet the internationally-agreed-upon standard for the medical device industry. But we don’t stop there.

Quality Heroes

MediSurge creates devices that have the ability to save lives, and that requires a steadfast focus on quality with little room for error. We know that quality is the best business plan, and because of that, we recently implemented our new MediSurge Quality Hero Program.

This new program recognizes MediSurge team members who go above and beyond when it comes to maintaining quality within the organization. Our first award was given to Becca Jakob, who, because of her extraordinary attention to detail, was able to catch a label with an incorrect expiration date listed. Labels are the number one cause of recalls in the field, so we are thankful for experienced team members who are able to notice even the smallest errors.

It is because of our team members’ continued hard work that we are able to maintain such a high level of quality within the industry.

Kelli Jonas, Director of QARA, presenting the first MediSurge Quality Hero award to Becca Jakob
Kelli Jonas, Director of QARA, presenting the first MediSurge Quality Hero award to Becca Jakob

Investing in the Team

Our team is devoted to achieving excellence in everything we do, and that includes hiring the best of the best. We are extremely proud of our team and are committed to investing in each and every team member’s unique career path and continued education. We are ex-cited to continue with our new Quality Hero program which will recognize additional team members for their hard work and focus on quality.

At MediSurge, our products are designed to be the best, every time, with no exception. With that in mind, we often share one of our favorite quotes with our team members: “Quality is not an act. It is a habit.”

For more information about our procedures or career opportunities with MediSurge, please contact us today.


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