Our Proven Process for Customer Success

A hand sketches a medical device design while text reads, "Through continued optimization, we have developed a streamlined process that helps save customers time and money."


At MediSurge, we understand the importance of having proven processes that ensure success both for our customers and our organization as a whole. Through continued optimization, we have developed a streamlined process that helps save customers time and money.

Our team can meet you where you are and provide real results, regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch or are somewhere in the middle of the process. Here’s some more information about our specialty areas and our process:


If you have a vision for your product, our experienced team has the design capabilities and knowledge to bring it to life. We utilize 3D modeling and a systematic design input process to identify key features and benefits that products will need in order to be successful. Our unique design control systems also allow for quick-turn development.


Once a design is finalized, our world-class engineering team will turn it into a real-life, functioning product. Our team has extensive experience in Disposable Class I and II devices for skin, peripheral access/port access, ECMO, cardiovascular and blood path indications.

We are also skilled in engineering drawing and analysis software, including 3D modeling, statistical analysis, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, and validation and verification procedures with simulated and limit testing capability.


Because we are a true partner, we stand with our customers throughout every step of the process, including sourcing. We offer complete supply chain management to our customers, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing at all. Our team works with a variety of certified and trusted supply chain management partners and vendors, and we are able to offer discounts to our customers.


Our lean medical device manufacturing processes drive cost-saving improvements and reduce time to market. We also offer a generous 50% share with all cost-saving initiatives. Plus, our Class 7 Cleanroom allows us to manufacture only the highest quality medical devices. We pride ourselves on maintaining a very low particulate count and strong environmental controls.

Our team focuses on creating devices needed, when they’re needed, and at a cost that makes sense.


Do your devices need to be stored or moved? We can handle that for you, as well. Like we said, we are there for our customers from start to finish.

We routinely update procedures and processes to ensure we are not only meeting, but exceeding, the ever-changing industry regulations. Medical devices have the ability to save or positively impact someone’s life and because of this, we don’t take our work lightly.

To learn more about our process or how we can help you save both time and money, contact our team today!



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