We Have the Answers You Need at MD&M

MediSurge employees talk with conference goers at MD&M West.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. As our first day at MD&M West winds down in the beautiful city of Anaheim, otherwise known as the happiest place on earth—wait we’re thinking Disney Land—we have had some great inquiries and connections at Booth 848.

In an effort to entice you to visit us (we are giving away an Apple Watch each day), we wanted to provide some answers to our frequently asked questions.

Where are you in the 3D Printing Process?

We are currently in the validation stage after having received a half million-dollar research grant to fund a two-and-a-half-year collaborative program. This program will explore applications in final medical device manufacturing. We believe there is significant opportunity to disrupt and enhance current medical device manufacturing practices. Find out more here.

What are your capabilities?

This is an easy question, to which we reply, “What do you need us to do?” Really, we do everything, from design to development to manufacturing. We can jump in at the beginning or wherever you are in the process. We will assist you in identifying the right markets and sales channels for your product and connect you to the right industry partners. Did we mention how amazing our team is?

Three Apple Watch Series 3 sit new, in box for lucky winners at MD&M.
We’re giving away a free Apple Watch every day of MD&M West.

What can 3D Printing be used for?

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Just recently our 3D printing partner, Carbon, Inc. joined forces with Riddell, a leader in protective football equipment, to create a 3D printed helmet. Each Riddell helmet will be custom-made for a player based on a scan of their head. Former players like Peyton Manning are excited about the comfortable custom fit and potential to make football safer. You can find out more about this innovation here.

What makes you unique?

We are small, nimble, responsive, and incredibly good at what we do. Our mission is to create the healthcare of the future, today. That means we are constantly innovating, researching, and exploring ways to do what we do even better.

Our collaborative spirit with industry leaders, care providers, and academia has led to new innovations and research projects that are positively shaping the industry.

Come visit us at booth 848. We promise you will love us.

The MediSurge booth at MD&M West displays custom manufactured medical devices.
Come visit us at booth 848!




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