Month: February 2019

Why We’re Creating the Healthcare of the Future, Today

Our team continues to stand by the fact that, at the end of the day, MediSurge exists to better the world of medicine. We understand that medical devices are extremely personal products that possess the ability to save, or positively impact someone’s life. Because of this, we ensure that our products are designed to be […]

GVSU, aMDI & MediSurge: Partnering for the Future

Our team at MediSurge understands the importance of collaboration when it comes to advancing the industry and discovering new breakthroughs, and, because of this, we proudly work alongside community partners on a variety of projects, including our current 3D additive manufacturing exploration. After receiving a half-million-dollar grant from the Grand Rapids SmartZone, our team is […]

Missed Us at MD&M? Here’s How to Connect with Us

We wrapped up the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West trade show a week ago in Anaheim, California, and our team had a great time meeting with hundreds of industry professionals, showing off MediSurge’s latest innovations, and learning from some of the brightest minds in the field. If you didn’t attend the trade show, or […]

Catch You Next Year, MD&M

We did our best to meet everyone at the show, but since we’re not sure that was actually possible, we wanted to share with you our MD&M 2019 takeaways. 1. Putting a name with a face. It was great to meet up with our suppliers and current customers at the many networking events. We were […]

MD&M West: Insights from Day Two

Anaheim, we love you! We are having a blast getting to network with industry leaders, attending sessions featuring experts from around the world, and the food trucks…don’t even get us started on the food trucks. Has anyone tried the brisket mac & cheese? You need to. Run, don’t walk, and get it before we polish […]

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